How to lead the workplace reformation  

By Blaire Palmer

Using her new book Punks in Suits, Blaire Palmer is bringing business firmly into the 21st century. By acknowledging how the world has changed, especially with rapid advances in technology like AI, it is possible to dismantle unhelpful hierarchy and redefine our understanding of leadership.

A passionate advocate for shaking up the bland and grey world of work and a trusted voice driving the movement for workplace change, Blaire Palmer is a former BBC journalist turned leadership consultant and keynote speaker. For the past 24 years, Blaire has worked with organisations helping to drive real change in their businesses and create places where people can come and do their best work.

Punks in Suits is her manifesto for change, daring leaders and their teams to ask uncomfortable questions to understand why things are a certain way. Is this because it is most effective? Or just because that’s how it has always been done? If it’s the second answer, it is unlikely this is still fit for purpose.

An honest assessment of the world of work with practical takeaways and engaging illustrations, Punks in Suits highlights six key areas where organisations need to rethink how they work and how they use people. Key topic areas covered in the book include needing to embrace people’s humanity; creating trusted environments; deconstructing hierarchical thinking; thinking differently about a leader’s role; always being changing; and focusing on business as a force for good. Underlying each of these sections is the need to focus on the human element of leadership. In an increasingly technology-driven age, humans are fundamental.

Each chapter has a corresponding interview with an industry leader to demonstrate the real-world impact and increase relatability for the reader.