A practical guide for business leaders to extract value from Artificial Intelligence 

Peter Verster 

In his new book AI for Business: A Practical Guide for Business Leaders to Extract Value from Artificial Intelligence, Data, and AI Integrations Expert Peter Verster delves into how AI has the power to transform business practices if organisations invest in the key cultural foundations required to ensure effective implementation.

When the cultural, technical, and regulatory concerns of businesses and the wider public are acknowledged and mitigated, the potential for AI to improve existing capabilities is vast, spanning sectors including financial services, healthcare, retail,entertainment, and more. The ability of AI to reduce false positives in fraud detection, false negatives in mammography systems, increase conversion rates for websites, increase productivity in the workplace, and lower maintenance costs are just some of the ways AI is currently being used creatively.

It is not a matter of if, but of when AI will dramatically reshape the marketplace, so establishing a conducive organisational culture where AI is weaved through a wider business strategy is crucial. AI for Business is the essential guide for business leaders looking to implement and extract tangible, strategic business value from

AI can streamline business operations, reduce costs, and identify new revenue streams. With over 20 years’ of both academic insight and tried-and-tested practical expertise in AI and big data, Verster’s pragmatic and business focused solutions enable leadership teams, employees, and company cultures to flourish in an AI-driven future.