Tony Lewis 

We’ve been learning more about Tony Lewis, a leading strategic marketing expert, in Start Your Business. Tony is considered to be one of the leading marketing experts in the UK. Tony’s forthcoming book, The Momentum Factory, is the book version of his new marketing initiative, Vision X, launching this summer.

While he hopes that everyone will be able to follow the guidance within the book to implement the ideas outlined, he recognises that this, in some cases, may not be easy to do. For instance, a brand may need assistance in understanding the drivers of momentum in each applicable market or require support in identifying and fine-tuning an appropriate strategy and marketing programme.

Tony has co-founded Vision X with his son, Jamie Lewis, which will launch this summer. Vision X will provide training and consulting to help brands, large and small, discover and maximise this revolutionary new mode of brand marketing. It’s driven by science and research discoveries from a wide range of disciplines, including marketing, psychology, neuroscience, business studies, and marketing research. It also specialises in brand momentum and what drives it, helping brands and business leaders improve their branding strategies and marketing effectiveness to unlock growth and longevity through long-term brand building and the creation of momentum. The consultancy aims to enable organisations to learn about brand momentum, implement the theories, and adopt new strategies. The agency will also provide marketing services such as advertising, design, brand strategy, and communications. Vision X can then help anyone who wants to learn more and follow a momentum strategy.

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