The proven five-step formula for DJing like a pro; no experience required!

By Phil Morse

With increasing mainstream attention and the barriers to entry lowering, DJing is arguably more accessible than ever. The benefits extend far beyond simply mixing music;  it builds global connections, creates meaningful experiences and can even provide a legitimate source of income. However, with an ever-growing choice of equipment, software, performance and promotion options, the path to success can quickly feel overwhelming. Whether for pleasure or professional goals, in this updated second edition of Rock the Dancefloor!, author Phil Morse provides readers with a tried-and-tested blueprint to DJ like a pro.   

Starting out in local clubs and bars in Manchester, Phil is a professional DJ of over 30 years who rose to playing the biggest club in the world, Privilege in Ibiza. Being one of the first to adopt digital DJing, he subsequently founded the world’s leading online DJ school, Digital DJ Tips, at the forefront of increasing the accessibility of DJing offering online courses, reviews, livestreams and more. Rock the Dancefloor! blends Phil’s decades of personal DJ experience and teaching know-how to ensure whatever stage readers are at on their DJ journey, they come away feeling equipped and confident in their next steps.  

 There has never been a better time to learn from those who have experienced the digitalisation of DJing first hand and embrace the wide-ranging benefits of DJing. For absolute beginners, amateurs wanting to go professional, or experienced DJs looking to update their digital DJing knowledge, Phil provides readers with the universal and transferable skills that will enable them to rock any dancefloor.