Tony Robinson OBE Brings History’s Icons to Life in 20/20 Visionaries: Dead Celebrity Interviews

In a revolutionary blend of satire and historical insight, Chronos Publishing announces the release of their latest book, 20/20 Visionaries: Dead Celebrity Interviews, scheduled for publication on March 21st, coinciding with World Storytelling Day and World Poetry Day. 

This imaginative book breathes new life into 20 of history’s most fascinating figures, placing them in the heart of today’s global conversations through a series of meticulously crafted, fictional interviews.

From the divine insights of Zeus to the soul-stirring reflections of Nina Simone, and from Albert Camus’s existential contemplations to the lively narratives of Robin Hood and Maid Marion, Robinson’s book transcends time, offering readers a seat at the table with icons of the past. “20/20 Visionaries” invites us to explore pressing modern issues—gender equality, domestic violence, and education trends—through the wisdom and experiences of those who’ve left an indelible mark on history.

With a cast that includes literary figures like Bertie Wooster and Abel Magwitch, historical powerhouses like Charles “Lucky” Luciano, and even beloved characters from our childhoods like Popeye, Tom, and Flipper, each interview in “Dead Celebrity Interviews” is a gateway to profound insights and unparalleled entertainment.

Tony Robinson OBE masterfully mixes humor with critique, allowing readers to laugh, reflect, and gain new perspectives on contemporary dilemmas. “20/20 Visionaries” is not just a book; it’s an imaginative journey that connects the past and the present in a dialogue that is as enlightening as it is delightful.

“This book is an invitation to see the world through the eyes of those who shaped it,” says Robinson. “By imagining these conversations, we not only pay homage to these iconic figures but also shed light on the timeless nature of humanity’s struggles and achievements.”

Perfect for those who love satire, history, and creative storytelling, 20/20 Visionaries: Dead Celebrity Interviews promises to be one of the most intriguing reads of the year.

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