“Before I started writing this book, I had assumed that the momentum metric was well known and understood, but probably not by the majority. How wrong I was! While I have been unable to find any books about measur-ing or using momentum, I needed to find out whether it was currently being applied in the boardroom. So, we sur-veyed over 400 marketing leaders and CEOs to determine their awareness and usage of the metric. The findings were clear and showed that only a tiny pro-portion were using or prioritising momentum as a KPI. However, the research also showed that most business and marketing leaders (c90%) were very interested in the concept; it confirmed that leaders were in search of momentum and that there was a gap in the market for this book.”


Tony Lewis, founder of Vision One and Vision-X, is the foremost expert globally on the marketing strategy, ‘Momentum’. His eagerly anticipated book is out soon…  

According to Tony Lewis, founder of Vision One and Vision X, ‘Momentum’ is the key metric for brand owners and the only consumer metric that really matters.

As he explains in his forthcoming book, The Momentum Factory: The Hidden Powers of Brand Momentum, by being able to accurately measure a business’s upward trajectory in real time, the C-suite and their marketing teams can ensure that all other traditional marketing metrics are aligned.

Having worked on this dynamic and potentially transformative new metric for the past eight years, Tony, the foremost global expert on Momentum, is perfectly placed to showcase its staggering potential.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the Brand Momentum metric is its ability to predict the future health of a brand, giving companies an advanced warning to implement further strategies if growth is faltering. 

All brands are mortal, he notes, but through his new metric, they may well be able to extend their natural lifespan. Without an awareness of a brand’s momentum, however, it is far more difficult for a company to achieve and sustain growth, let alone understand when they may be at risk.

Momentum, therefore, continuously provides insights, offering a more current and future-oriented approach that aligns with CMOs’ and CEOs’ all-important pursuit of growth.

Brand Momentum’s promise is huge, and The Momentum Factory is the perfect introduction to this bold new philosophy for brand building, one that moves beyond traditional discussions by explaining emerging theories and combining insights from brands, neuromarketing, behavioural economics, and business strategy.

This book is the blueprint for a quantum leap in marketing practice that will illuminate brand forces like never before.